The Brass Button

Located in Plymouth, MI, the name The Brass Button is a literary nod to Bilbo Baggins’ lost button (The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkein, 1937). Sometimes things that are lost can be found — in Grandma’s attic, in the basement, or along the side of the road. These treasures can be made new; hence, The Brass Button.

Perhaps you have a piece that is the perfect size and shape for your space, but it’s saggy, shabby, or out of style? Maybe your cat loves your chair as much as you do? Perhaps you’ve inherited a piece and you want to update it? Maybe you’ve redesigned your room and that comfy old chair doesn’t work anymore, but you wish it did. We can help. This is The Brass Button.

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When we re-upholster we strip your piece down to the frame. New upholstery gives you a brand new piece built on your existing furniture frame. Upholstery includes new foundation, inspection and replacement of springs as needed, inspection of frame, minor frame repair as needed, all padding, foam, cushions, and pillows. We do not recover furniture. We completely reupholster, using new components.

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Are your cushions flat while your fabric is in great shape? It may be time to refill or replace your cushions. We also offer custom pillows.

A word about upholstery

I’m often asked if a piece is “worth” upholstering. Let’s be honest, not every piece is. Often vintage and fine furniture pieces are built on hardwood frames with dovetailed joints. These frames tend to hold up for many decades, even hundreds of years. Hardwood frames can be reupholstered multiple times. Inexpensive pieces purchased from a big box store may be built on softwood or particle board frames. These are less likely to hold up over time.

When we reupholster, we’re not just recovering a piece. We’re rebuilding it from the frame up. If it’s a heritage piece, a family heirloom, an unusual piece, or you just want to keep that old heavy sofa out of the landfill, it’s worth a conversation.

Denise Bryan, Upholsterer

Plymouth, Michigan

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Please note: I do not answer the phone during the work day as it takes my attention away from current projects. Please either leave a message, or make your initial contact via email. I will respond shortly!